Loving Your Friend Through Infertility- Recap

In walking through infertility, I have been unintentionally hurt by some people and deeply loved, comforted and encouraged by others. I’ve learned a lot about suffering in general and how important it is to be kind, compassionate and sensitive to those walking through this battle. I wrote a series on how to best love your friends going through infertility. My aim in this is for people suffering to be loved deeply and pulled closer to the cross of Jesus because of the way their friends love them. I long for those people to never hear the hurtful words and flippant comments that naturally happen.

And I know as a friend, you can feel lost and confused as to what your infertile friend needs. I want to empower you to run swiftly toward Jesus and bring your suffering friend with you. And as someone who has been blessed by friends that have carried me through – – thank you in advance for learning and growing and seeking to love your friend more. You can’t imagine how a shoulder to cry on and a comforting word from a friend can carry you through a number of dark days…

1. Intro

2. Seek a Godly Understanding

3. Know How the Gospel Transforms This Battle

4.When in Doubt, ASK!

5. Rally Around Them

6. Pray Earnestly and Often (Part 1)

7. What to Pray For (Part 2)

8. What to Pray For (Part 3)

9. Avoid Cliche Statements (Part 1)

10. Avoid Cliche Statements (Part 2)

11. What To Say

12. Be Sensitive

13. About Adoption

14. Speak the Truth in Love

15. Rejoice with Her

16. Without Expectations (Curry’s Guest Post)

17. It’s Not About You (Steph’s Guest Post)

18. When It’s Your Wife (Bryan’s Guest Post)

19. Let Us Love One Another (Andrea’s Guest Post)

20. Final Thoughts

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  1. Dannie September 10, 2011

    Thanks for the great recap! Such a great resource for anyone going through this, anyone that knows someone going through this, or something similar!

  2. Cait Botschner September 11, 2011

    I am so thankful for this series, it has moved me and taught me. Many thanks to all the guest posters as well.

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  5. Liana Berrus September 16, 2013

    Reblogged this on Liana Berrus and commented:
    I ran across this today and ate it up. Such wonderful thoughts for those who have a friend going through infertility and want to be a support and encouragement.


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