The Story of the 23rd (Part 1)

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The day started like any other. My husband was off work for the Christmas holiday and we were home together. We opened our advent basket together- our family of 3- like we had the previous 22 days of the months. Then…

9:30am- My husband gets a call. I see his eyes widen, then he kinda laughs and says “you got me all excited for a minute there!” It was a social worker for our adoption agency (hence the wide eyes!) calling for a REFERENCE for one of our friends that are adopting. He got off the phone and we both kinda looked at each other like- that was crazy!! I remember looking at him and saying “wouldn’t it be crazy if we had gotten a baby today?” Because of course, we had already had the call from our agency and it was NOT about that.

11:30am- Bryan runs down the stairs with the phone in his hand, shoves it in my face and says “tell her what you just told me.” It was our agency AGAIN (different social worker) but this time she said “there was a baby born yesterday and you guys were chosen!” WHAT THE WHAT?!?!?

Bryan was trying to get the information. My toddler obviously decides to start screaming and acting crazy at this point so I’m shoving chocolate in his face to try to get him to quiet down so I can hear what she’s saying (haha! Great parenting strategy.) She gives us the basic information and asks “so are you guys in?” We answer “YES!” as quickly as we can and tells us to meet her at a hospital about 40 minutes away at 5pm.

Bryan hangs up the phone and we start FREAKING OUT!!!! We are both so in shock and surprised and EXCITED and we just got back and forth from looking at each other in disbelief and saying “WHAT?!? What just happened?!?” to kissing and hugging and crying because WE’RE GETTING A BABY!!!!!!

Little Bryan was SO stoked too! He was feeding off of our energy and was SO hyped up! He was running around and screaming! We gave him a bath and he was splashing and laughing and just having a ball.

We were insanely hyped for a few hours and then around 3pm, I just felt whooped! The adrenaline was gone from laughing and crying and I just wanted a nap 😉 But we had to get ready! We had a son to meet!!!

4pm- We dropped Bryan off at his grand parents and then we drove to the hospital. We got to the lobby early and sat, waiting to meet with the social worker. This worker was one we met with for our first match so we had known her before! She was so great and really helpful to work with.

Waiting is nerve wracking! There wasn’t really anything to be nervous about per se, so maybe anxious is the right word. We were SO anxious to meet him!!! To be continued…


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