International Women’s Day 2017: Women Make the World Go ‘Round

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Yesterday was International Women’s Day and I can’t help but think of all the incredible women out there who exude strength, grit, grace and determination. : 

The women who serve tirelessly without any accolades or recognition

The women who are foster parents and spend their lives being the healing hand to the children whom others have hurt

The women who overcame loss or abuse in their childhood and can love the people around them without reservation

The women who spend their time connecting with and encouraging other women instead of just focusing on herself

The women who are incredible moms all while being incredible doctors or lawyers or teachers

The women who sacrifice and save their pennies so they can give the people they love special experiences

The women who grow their own food, and milks their cows and make their own maple syrup

The pregnant women who are told bad news about their child… and who show unimaginable strength, bravery, commitment and love no matter what the outcome


The amazing women who are raising kids on their own

The women who are leaders in their career field and continue to climb the ladder despite unfair treatment or extra obstacles

The women who stand by powerful men– they might come across as sweet or easygoing but you don’t know the warring they do for their husband… and how he would have cracked under the pressure without her holding him up

The women who exhaust themselves with medications and infertility treatments just to get closer to her dreams

The women who spend countless hours feeding their families, cultivating health and community

The women who spend their days and nights changing diapers, kissing boo boos and rocking to kids to sleep, sacrificing their own rest

To the women who open up their homes and their hearts– spreading care and joy all around them

To the women who create- whose beautiful works of art or craft allow us to invite more beauty into our homes

The strong women who choose life for their babies and place them with a loving family when they can’t raise them on their own

The women in retirement who, instead of focusing on travel and good food, lead and teach younger women

The women who speak up when things aren’t right and fight hard for what they believe in

The women who stay strong when everybody around them is struggling

The women who will never judge you- no matter what you did

The gentle giants, who may appear weak on the outside but are pillars in their family and in their community.

To the women working to make this world a better place,

The women who give second chances,

The women who have dealt with intense hardship and are resilient.


To the young women, the single women, the newlyweds, the new mama, the mom of older kids, the women  and the retired woman, the women who are leaders in their careers, communities and homes-

The women who are brave

The women who are strong

The women who forgive

The women who hope

The women who fight for what is right

The life givers– women who create and nurture life in all kinds of different ways

The women who don’t give up

The women who make the world go ’round

This is for you. 

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