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If you’ve tried to check my blog in the last 2 weeks you would have been unable to…. because I was HACKED! Geez louise! It was actually super stressful and I worried it would be hundreds of dollars to fix it … but after a lot of calls and chats and investigation, it ended up not being too painful. Hallelujah!


What I’m Thinking About:

• I feel like I’ve got lots of projects in the works! Which is exciting. I’ve got a lot of work to do on my blog to make sure that the files aren’t messed up and there’s nothing sneaky in my files or anything. That is all really difficult for me (coding! Tech talk! Might as well be Mandarin…) so it takes a while. BUT I’ve already done a few things successfully – including delete the RANDOM THREE extra users in wordpress – umm… WHAT?!? No Alex84021 I did not approve you as an admin on my blog! Crazy.

• My sweet first baby turned 4 last week! Gah! Such sweetness. It was while my blog was down but I’ll need to write him a little tribute soon.

• We’re doing a Rescue Bot birthday party with his family back in Ohio next week! It’s the first “character” party we’ve done and my guy is just SO excited about it. I’ve been planning and preparing – got some decorations the other day and decided we’re doing a hot dog bar! It will be so fun!

• With all the birthday excitement and general busyness, I realized I’ve been feeling like JUNK: exhausted, lethargic, bloated and icky. Since Sunday I took a mini Whole30 reset and put my foot down on going to bed early. I went to bed at 10 (instead of 1130!!!) all week AND did a mini Whole30 reset for about 5 days – GAME CHANGER!!!! Sometimes I lament the awareness Whole30 has brought to my life…. I just want to be able to eat weekly doughnuts and pizza every Friday and not be the wiser! But then with just a day or two of clean eating I feel like a million bucks… and it is WORTH IT. (Also sleep. Sleep sleep sleep. My babies have been sick so waking up a few times a night and it is incredible how much better it is when I go to sleep early!!)


What I’m Making:

I finished Bryan’s blanket!!!! I gave it to him on his birthday and I was so thrilled and really proud how it turned up. It was definitely a labor of love – 6 months of work, 14 colors, 196 hexagons (and 16 half hexis) and countless shows watched while I whipstitched all these together.

• B’s blanket was definitely the most involved (and probably biggest! 49″ x 58″!) I’ve ever made. In the beginning of 2016, I committed to making time for crochet and to keep up on the hobby all year long. By God’s grace I did it and I loved it and I think it was something really helpful in a crazy year. In the beginning of the year my blankets were usually 3-4 colors – – yellow navy, gray; shades of blues, etc. Coordinating colors in larger palettes was really a challenge for me and something I worked on throughout the year. With my dear friend Steph at Yarn Republic’s constant suggestions and helpful tips I made a handful of blankets with 8-10 colors – – and then my biggest with Bryan’s being 14. Honestly she helped with color selections on every blanket with a larger palette last year and I’m so thankful! Bryan’s blanket really empowered me and inspired me to try different colors than I would typically tend towards or opposite colors together. ALL THAT TO SAY – I wanted to make a fun, super random sweet little baby blanket of about 20 colors I already had. It’s the first blanket that has used all different colors, the first blanket with more than 14 colors AND the first granny square blanket I’ve made that doesn’t have white or ivory for a background. It’s fun and I’ve loved how it’s turned out!


What I’m Working On:

• Planning a women’s event at my church – Hoping In Jesus: When Mother’s Day is hard…a morning together to eat and drink coffee, sing some worship and pray. The Lord has really put loving women going through infertility on my heart and this seemed like a natural first step – that is broad and will hopefully minister to women who have walked through many different difficulties!

• Part of my lack of healthy eating before came from some SERIOUS food boredom. Trying new foods (smoked salmon! Egg scrambles with fruit and vegetables!) and new food combinations – it’s been going great so far!

• I’m in charge of planning VBS snacks for like 400 people for VBS this year. Yikes! Sounds fun! Except the only problem is I’m bad at math and have champagne tastes on a beer budget. HA!


What I’m Cooking:

• These super easy delicious oven baked salmon cakes. My littlest babe can’t have nuts so we’ve been struggling since we couldn’t use almond flour in our salmon cakes anymore. They would often be mealy or have a dry crumbly texture and even without that they would ALWAYS fall apart in the pan when I fried them. These have some sweet potato in them which binds them nicely and oven baking makes them faster and easier! My kids loved them and I even ate leftovers for breakfast with over easy eggs on top and roasted kale. YUM!

Spaghetti squash carbonara (picture above!) I’ve had this pinned for over a year. It always looked interesting but kind of weird too! It. Was. DELICIOUS. Again – even my kids and husband liked it! And my husband doesn’t like spaghetti squash!! I added chicken to add a little more protein and enjoyed it with some red pepper flakes on top.

• These Savory Blueberry omelettes. Again – this sounds SO weird. Eggs and cinnamon?!? And fruit?!? But… WOW. The ghee and the eggs and cinnamon all together…. it is slightly reminiscent of french toast and will make your house smell wonderful. It’s my special little “treat” – and my kids like it too! They call it cinnamon eggs:)


What I’m Reading:

• Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin – I have about a dozen books on my nightstand I want to read. I’ve been SO BAD about reading recently but it is so good for me to think through things and have something other to do than watch TV and crochet. I’ve loved this book and feel excited and equipped to work on some of the principles she discusses.

• Almost finished with It Starts With Food – science-y and helpful on further understanding whole30 and the paleo lifestyle


I’ve got a lot stewing in this brain of mine…. hope to have a few additional posts up soon!!

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  1. Pat April 9, 2017

    Glad you’re up and running again! Technology 🙄 You’re amazing, all that you are doing and planning to do and all that is “stewing in your brain.” Love reading about it!!


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